About Us

Our Mission

To impact Indiana University Indianapolis by serving the university community to enrich the campus experience

Our Values

Customer Service

We will seek to understand and focus on the needs of all customers: students, employees, and community. We will dedicate our attention to delivering exceptional services within a caring atmosphere. Collaboration and teamwork will be utilized to continually improve our services.


Honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, and administrative/fiscal accountability will steer our actions. We are committed to maintaining and demanding high ethical standards.


An environment will be maintained that recognizes and respects the importance of people and opinions: one in which we celebrate our vast diversity; recognize good work; promote everyone's abilities and professional development; establish an enjoyable environment; and encourage a balance between work and life.


Taking risks fosters improvement. We will eliminate obstacles, encourage new ideas, and embrace creative solutions that are aimed at improvement and good stewardship.